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The Magical Art Of Creative Writing And How To Begin

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

This is a five- week online course beginning Wednesday 27th October for five consecutive weeks.

7pm – 8.30pm.

There will be a limited number for this, and it will be run by Zoom.

Whether you are just beginning or perhaps need a little guidance in getting back into writing, this course will offer practical advice and nurture creativity.

Online Course Structure

[Maximum of 8 participants]

Each evening

· Delivery of the evening workshop.

· A short-written assignment to be done during the workshop.

· Inspiring texts aimed to encourage freedom of creativity will be openly read and discussed.

· An assignment will be individually given to each participant for the coming week.

Week One

Writing what you are passionate about

I believe in writing what you really want to write about, not what you feel you should write about. If you are passionate about writing a novel set in the seventh century, then that is what you should do… or maybe you have an idea for a short story or a memoir. Or perhaps you just want to explore where writing can take you. In our first week we will discuss the many forms of creative writing. How to begin your own path in writing and focusing on exploring and finding your authentic voice. This workshop will focus on discovering the power of your own words and yours alone.

Week Two

Exploring the possibilities through memory writing.

Memory writing is simply putting your memories down. It could be just one memory, or it could be a collection of them. It can be about anything. It can be from any time in your life. Allow yourself to go back and rediscover your past through the power of memory writing. This session will explore how to begin and can often take you on a path of writing that you may not have thought about and open all sorts of writing possibilities.

Week Three

Introduction to fiction writing

We are storytellers. It is in our DNA. The stories handed down from generation to generation. Fiction writing is digging into your imagination and creating stories. The possibilities are endless. In this class we will explore the key elements of fiction writing that include creating characters, creating plot, creating convincing dialogue and creating a sense of place.

Week Four

Exploring the senses

Using the five senses to immerse the reader and evoke emotion. In creative writing, the writer must describe with emotion to gain empathy and belief from the reader.

As a writer, you cannot simply deliver a message. This class will focus on the incredible technique of using the senses as a tool for writing.

Week Five

Creating a sense of place

How to create a sense of place that the reader feels they have escaped down through that rabbit hole like in Alice in Wonderland. Somewhere that the words have taken them. Discover in this workshop the key elements of creating a sense of place in your writing.

Conclusion and final thoughts to help you go forward in your writing path.

Cost of course

€120. Paid in advance. Paypal, Revolut or Bank Transfer accepted. Please email to make a booking or for any other queries.

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