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The Blank Page

The Magical Art of Creative Writing Course – Beginning 27th October – Spaces available.

With Irish Times Best Selling author - Sheila Forsey

If you are at the beginning of your writing path - the blank page can be overwhelming. It can stall even the most seasoned of writers. But if you are just beginning it can be all consuming.

Finding a way to begin can sometimes be easier than others. Some writers just begin, some will use music, research, poetry, a walk…anything to help them find a way to begin what they want to write.

I have written four novels, but I am all too aware how daunting - beginning a new blank page or new writing project can feel. But there are techniques that can help.

If you are interested in writing and would like a supportive course to help you explore where writing might take you, join me for my first online writing course titled -The Magical Art of Creative Writing.

It will run over five weeks and have a very small number of participants to allow for individual

attention and personal feedback. Alternatively join for one session and see how you feel about it. To get in touch or to find out more please do contact me.

Cost of course is €120 for full course or €27 per session

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