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A story of love, loss and forgiveness. Mending Lace is a wonderfully woven story of people coming to terms with who they are, what they have been through and all they have learned along the way.

Sive and Dan Gallagher are devoted to each other. Living the dream in a charming old house that Sive has spent the last few years restoring. Set on the grounds of the house is Sive’s haven. An artist’s studio built for her by her beloved Dan.

But their marriage is tested to its very core when Dan ends up fighting for his life after a car crash. As he awakes, he descends into a pit of despair that leaves him struggling to recover both physically and mentally. Meanwhile, Sive unravels a trail of deceit, lies and financial chaos that ensures that the life she had with Dan evaporates into a nightmare.

Sive’s life is further complicated by Dan’s mother, a formidable woman who rules her clan with an iron fist and has little time for her daughter in law Sive, who she thinks is in a cult because of her bohemian lifestyle, a cult she vehemently blames for her son’s downward spiral.

But as Sive puts the pieces together, she learns that The Gallagher Clan hold a dark secret, a secret that must be revealed and may be the link to all that has happened.


"Beautifully descriptive and emotive"

Carmel Harrington

"Forsey has a gift for describing a setting so realistically that the reader feels like they are actually there. Her ability to writ dialogue is genius"


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