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It s 1949 and playwright Violet Ward has returned from London with her husband Henry and young daughter Sylvia, to take up residence in Eveline House in County Wicklow.


Her plays are banned in Ireland and the people of the small country town are hostile to her. Then timid little Sylvia receives a threatening letter calling her the daughter of the Devil . Horrified, Violet wants to return to London. But Henry is violently opposed to leaving Ireland again.


In 2019 Emily O Connor buys her dream house. Eveline House is like a time capsule, locked up since 1950, still full of personal possessions and hauntingly beautiful photographs of the family that once lived there. A family that seems to have abruptly walked out of their life and disappeared through the cracks of time.


Emily realises that the town has hidden cruel secrets secrets which will impact on her life in ways she could never have imagined. Soon questions about the fate of the lost family again demand to be answered

“This is a book that is full of beautiful imagery with gorgeous
descriptions of the glamour of Violet Ward and the scent and colours
of the surrounding area, but it is also a threatening, suspenseful read, leaving the reader in no doubt that there is a mystery to be unveiled”
Mairead ~ SwirlandThread

“Beautifully written, I swear I could smell the violets! Loved it.”
Amazon Reader.

“The descriptions of Ireland, the well-developed characters,
the intrigue and suspense absolutely captivated me.”
ARC through BookSiren.

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